Warning Indicators that You Have a Damaged Stucco

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You bought your house and it already had stucco on it. However, you never paid it much attention since you were only considering on how you liked the home’s look. But, it is subtly providing you signs that it needs some maintenance. Below are some of the most typical warning indicators that you have a damaged stucco 

Stucco soft spots and indentations 

If your property’s stucco has soft spots and indentations, your home could be telling you that there’s probably water damage that happens under the plaster now. Sadly, water damage would need general structural fixing with complications associated with rot and mold.  

Stucco crumbles  

If your stucco is crumbling, it could be caused by impact accident, vibrations, water damage, settling, pest infestations, stress, age, and even improper installation of stucco. While more stucco crumbles away, the issues get even worse since the integrity of the stucco is broken and extra water could penetrate inside. If this is the case, now is the best time for stucco inspection, with the help of the stucco experts, for you to determine the root cause of the issues and give recommendations on how to resolve it.  

Stucco moss 

It is common for the stucco to eventually be discolored at the bottom since rainwater can splash dirt onto the property. Moreover, it’s common for moss to develop in these shady and wet spots. As moss could be removed and scrubbed away using bleach, it is important to immediately take action on the moisture problem, which makes such an attractive breeding ground for moss. In spaces where moss develops on your stucco, think about eliminating the nearby plants for an ornamental rock to enable stucco wall St. George UT to dry. Any measures you do to reduce the wall’s moisture and stop water from drenching the area is helpful.   

Stucco stains 

Even if how unappealing stucco stains could be, prevent the urge to paint on top of them since paint commonly doesn’t adhere. Instead, you need to address the root of the issues first all the time. It would be recommended to hire an expert on stucco to checkup, assess, and create some recommendations on how to resolve such an issue. Stucco stains could need easy cleaning or they could signify extreme issues, which include mold and water damage.  

Stucco cracks 

Though one hairline crack might not be a bad sign, several cracks could mean that it’s way beyond just an issue about its appearance. If you get massive cracks extending from ¼ to 1 inch or more, this usually means that you have structural issues. Such large stucco cracks could mean that the house has heaved, settled, or lacks right expansion joints. In some instances, the cracks can be caused by water intrusion damage, particularly when the cracks have stains. Nevertheless, stucco or structural repairs might be required together with cosmetic crack repairs.  

Impact damage 

When you have an EIFS stucco, then there might be impact damage from woodpeckers, flickers, kids, weed whackers, and lawnmowers. 

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