Pressure Washing

Things to Consider When Using a Pressure Washer 

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Pressure washing requires spraying water under high pressure in order to remove paint, grime, chewing gum, and other difficult stains surfaces, and this has been used in different applications like in vehicles, masonry, fences, roofs, driveways, siding, etc. Professional pressure washing North Las Vegas provides an efficient cleaning service when you do not have the equipment or want someone to do the tasks for you. 



Using a pressure washer is more difficult than using an ordinary gardening hose and oftentimes requires some chemicals, detergents, disinfectants, or sanitizers. This is why calling a professional is what is always recommended. However, if you take fancy on doing it yourself, there are things you need to consider to ensure your safety as well as your property’s efficient cleaning results.  


  1. Be familiar with professional and residential soaps, chemicals, and cleaning solutions. 

Not all cleaning solutions are made equal. Knowing the difference between a residential and professional chemical solution will prevent you from destroying what you are pressure washing. There are different types of chemicals used for different purposes. First is sanitizers that kill bacteria immediately. Second, cleaners that remove dirt. Third, disinfectants kill organisms. 


Pro tip: 

The pressure also needs to depend on what type of material you are pressure washing as well as the type of nozzle to use needs to be taken into consideration. 


  1. Be familiar with the hazards that pressure washers cause

Water with 2,000 pounds of force can be very dangerous to humans, and so, it is of crucial importance to be careful when using it. 

  • Do not spray the pressure washer at a person 
  • Do not spray at an electrical outlet 
  • Use safety gear and equipment when using a pressure washer 
  • Spray the chemicals and wait for a couple of minutes before pressure washing the area or surface 
  • Use the appropriate size of the nozzle for the project 
  • Start with the lowest setting and when spraying at soft surfaces like windows 
  • Hire a professional when you are not used to using the equipment 


  1. Be familiar with what to wash and not to wash

Not everything is good for pressure washing. The following are the surfaces you should NOT wash: 

  • Surfaces with paint unless you want the paint removed) 
  • Asphalt roofing to avoid removing their granules that can lead to serious damage 
  • Laminar sandstones as they are a soft material that cannot withstand the pressure on your pressure washer. 
  • Old surfaces and materials. Any old wood buildings, old furniture, and old decks are dangerous if pressure washed as they potentially deteriorate given the amount of pressure the equipment has.  


Ideal for pressure washing: 

  • Concrete surfaces 
  • Patio or deck areas 
  • Brick surfaces 
  • Driveways areas. 


Final thoughts 

It is not easy to clean by using a pressure washer, as they are risks that you need to avoid. It can be very dangerous to try it without any experience of familiarity with what to do and what not to do. If you are unsure of the whole process, give yourself a favor and ask for a professional help. 

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