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Beginners Guide to Planting Flowers

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Having a beautiful garden or landscape at home is the most magical thing that you could add to your property. The garden is such a relaxing place where you could spend your early mornings and afternoons looking at the most beautiful flowers that you are growing or you could also spend some of your time in checking if the fruits are ripe enough to get from the trees that you have planted with all your love. How amazing would that be? Yes, truly utterly amazing for all home owners to have in their own space or property.

But, if you are one of those home owners that have not yet started in beautifying their home’s garden, you should not worry too much because you have all the time in the world and you could always start when you want to start landscaping your personal garden. Every day is the perfect day to get started in making a beautiful landscape for you to enjoy. Landscaping according to experts like Landscaping Clovis, there are certain plants that you could plant in your garden that is more suitable for beginners in the landscaping scene.

You should always go to where you are comfortable in, and if you want to start in the beginner route, it is the best decision for you to make since you have everything yet to learn from experience and thorough research about landscaping. But, for the mean time here are the different flowers that would be best for beginners to plant in their garden:


Marigold is a very fun flower since it could come in yellow, gold, red or you could have every color in your backyard. These flowers can be seen during the fall, spring and summer which are good flowers to have if you are looking forward to beautify your home in longer periods of time. The only thing that you have to do is to plant it properly where it could be fully under the sun and you should also water this regularly. But the best thing about this flower is that its driver mosquitoes away from the garden which is a good thing to avoid illnesses carried by mosquitoes such as dengue fever and malaria.


This is a very common flower since there are a lot of people that truly loves this flower. This could be another good addition to your garden because it could grow almost in all types of soils and it could grow even in very hot places. You could see this bloom during the summer wherein you would be able to see its golden yellow flowers that also attracts bees, butterflies and birds in your garden.


This is an amazing flower that has so many colors; cream, orange, yellow and red. If you put this in your garden, it will surely look amazing sine bright colorful flowers always has a good impact to the whole look of the home. You could see this flowers bloom in the months of May, June, July, August until September which is a really good and long time to enjoy the beauty of nature. This kind of flower grows quickly and you could also eat the leaves and the flowers of this plant which makes it even more amazing.

If you have all of these flowers in your landscape, your home will be looking fine as day.

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